Top Kitchen Trends for 2023

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Kitchen and home interiors are getting updated as remote work becomes permanent for many. People want multi-functional spaces that are enjoyable to spend time in. To achieve the latest looks while staying budget-friendly, here are some tips:

Bring in nature: Adding natural elements such as organic wood and greenery creates a calming atmosphere. Opt for laminate instead of pricier solid materials for a low-maintenance alternative.

Create a multi-purpose kitchen: The kitchen is now more than just for food preparation, but also for work, entertainment, and homework. Choose materials that fit your intended activities, such as a Quartz splashback that’s easy to clean for cooking enthusiasts.

Embrace rich, warm tones: These tones create a comfortable atmosphere, especially with dark woods and rich hues in work surfaces, wall art, and furnishings. Quatz  splash backs offer a luxury finish without high maintenance.

Experiment with textured black: Black is a trendy hue, appearing in different textures and finishes, adding depth and class to the kitchen. Keep it balanced with lighter hues.