Indigo Blue Shaker kitchen door.

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The Shaker door from our Cartmel range is a beloved design choice, known for its classic appeal. With a 90mm frame and vertical tramlines typical of the Shaker style, this door is versatile and timeless. Whether paired with antique bow handles for a traditional touch or sleek bar handles for a modern feel, the Cartmel Shaker door is perfect for any kitchen style.
Indigo Blue

This rich and intense shade of blue will serve as a captivating focal point in your home, and is currently one of the preferred colour for kitchen spaces. The Matt texture provides a sleek surface, evoking a sense of lavishness and grandeur. Enhance the dramatic effect by combining the Super Matt Indigo Blue with pristine white walls and floors, creating a striking contrast. Alternatively, for a more understated appearance, opt for subtle grey or muted pastel walls to complement the overall aesthetic.