Handless Kitchen

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As an bespoke kitchen company, one of the most popular requests we get here at Klass Kitchens from clients is for a handleless kitchen. There’s something about the clean and effortless look that homeowners seem to love, a perfect choice for a modernist, minimalist luxurious design.

One of the options we offer is the elegant J-pull door design. The door is given the name “J-Pull” because if you look at the door side on, you can see that it is shaped like the letter J.

In this type of handle-less kitchen, you use the J groove to pull open the doors and drawers.

It’s practical too, because the deep, wide J-groove is friendly to fingers of all sizes.

Our premium Italian J-pull handless doors are built to last, stylish, practical and hard-wearing. Our J-pull doors are made from solid 22mm MDF with a factory-applied paint and lacquer finish, ensuring years of problem-free service with no danger of delaminating. Other companies tend to use 19mm thick doors, having thinner profile which is prone to damage.


You can achieve seamless, uninterrupted lines
The absence of handles protruding from the front of cabinets, which leaves a flat, smooth surface, is what makes people love the look of a handleless kitchen.

Their style is timeless
One of the biggest concerns my clients have when choosing their new kitchen is whether or not the look will date.
A handleless kitchen has an elegant, timeless look; you needn’t worry about them looking dated in years to come. The sleek, unfussy profile characteristic of a handleless kitchen ensures the style will always be a ‘less-is-more’ design classic.


Having no handles is a sophisticated option that has the added bonus of safety. The absence of handles means there’s nothing for you to accidentally catch your clothes on, and one less thing for young children to walk into and bang their heads on.

Easier to cleaning

Without a handle to whip around and in-between the handless door is quicker and easier to clean.

A handless kitchen is modern, minimalist kitchen environment for the 21st century and beyond.

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