Design a traditional sage green kitchen

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To create a traditional sage green kitchen, one must consider the various aspects of kitchen design such as colour combinations, cabinets, and worktops, as well as accents and lighting. Sage green is a soft, muted colour that can be balanced with other pastel shades such as pale pink or pastel purple. It can also be paired with navy blue to create a calming, nautical vibe, or with white or cream for a classic, clean look.

When it comes to cabinets and worktops, sage green cabinets can make a subtle design statement and offer a timeless yet chic appeal. Opting for a matt finish on the cabinetry can showcase the muted palette of the hue. For a contemporary look, white marble or quartz worktops are ideal for pairing with sage green cabinets.

To add accents and lighting to the space, one can bring the outside indoors by introducing plants and planters. Soft furnishings such as hand towels, oven mitts, seat cushions, plates, and dishes in sage green can also be utilized. Brass and copper metallic’s such as handles and taps pair well with sage green, and a U-shaped brass tap can further enhance the modern design of the space

Sage green is a sublime colourway to incorporate onto Shaker kitchen cabinets. Consider implementing a dual-toned kitchen cabinet design through counterbalancing both sage green shaker cabinets with wooden shaker cabinets

Fresh and muted, sage green kitchen ideas draw upon soft, botanical shades found in the natural world to create a cooking space that feels neutral, nurturing, and inviting