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We are not just a bespoke kitchen company; we can provide the complete renovation package.
The kitchen pictured was completed using our German Cashmere Acrylic perfect Sense.
These doors are far superior to vinyl wrap doors which most companies sell.
There’s gloss and there’s our PerfectSense Gloss.
A smooth and flawless surface which results in a new level of reflection that allows you to create the kind of high-end look that was previously only achievable by using glass or acrylic.
PerfectSense ultra gloss is at the extreme of the spectrum, a highly reflective, glass-like surface. A surface that makes a bold statement of luxury, with the ability to reflect light, it can help make spaces feel brighter and bigger.
A high-end look must not fade, which can be the case with high gloss, so EGGER PerfectSense has added a unique UV coating that is both hardwearing and scratch-resistant, to ensure PerfectSense Gloss shines longer.
Manufactured by using multiple sanding processes and a sophisticated lacquering process, applied with precision to the surface, the PerfectSense high-gloss lacquered MDF boards give an appearance of exclusivity and luxury, while special UV technology makes them durable and scratch-resistant.
This sophisticated, precision UV lacquered surface offers a harder wearing surface than other gloss finishes. Designed to last and keep any piece of furniture looking luxurious and exclusive.
Our bespoke kitchens are manufactured by us, using superior German and Italian components.
Although our kitchens are superior to the big kitchen companies our prices are more competitive.
We enjoy 100% 5 Star Positive feedback on Facebook and Google.
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