As a small business we thrive on our reviews.

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Being a small business we have flexibility to provide true customer service tailored to our customers’ needs.
All of our kitchens are made bespoke for the individual customer.
We go above and beyond our customers’ expectations, and that is why we have maintained 100% 5 Star positive reviews on every kitchen we design, manufacture and fit.
Design stage
The customers are consulted in every aspect of the design process with advice from our team who are not salesman but kitchen designers and fitters.
We are not tied to any manufacturer giving us a vast array of options.

We manufacture all of our own carcases and some of our doors.
We only use the very best German board for our carcases using 18mm board even for the backs.
All the carcases are colour co-ordinated to match the doors with over 100 colours to choose from.
Front edges are protected by 2mm colour matched ABS edging rather than 1mm which other companies use.
All made bespoke for clients, eliminating the need for extra holes inside the cabinets to accommodate draw packs etc.
We only use the very best in German components with a lifetime guarantee.
All of our cabinets are delivered already constructed.

Award winning Fitting.
Our kitchen fitter trained as a specialist joiner gaining the skills and knowledge needed for superior craftsmanship and eye for detail.
This background combined with exceptional natural ability was confirmed when he achieved the top spot in the UK at the Interbuild 5 day competitions held at the NEC.

Being the manufacturer of our own kitchens we are very price competitive.

For all the reasons above and many more is why we continue to achieve 5 star reviews and recommendations from all of our clients.
Contact us today to discuss how we can provide not only a 5 star kitchen but a 5 star experience!